Friday, May 8, 2009

IM getting Older!!!!aiyakkkk

today is my bufday
i turn into 22 today..
wat a nice numb aite..
i luve no "2"..hehehe

btw..i would like to say thanks to those person that wish for my bufday..
thnks for all wishes n pray k..i realy appreciate it..
thanks to my beloved besh fren..sweet cosmate..
facebookers..myspacian..n frendster..thnks also to bank islam n celcom n also maxis..
to celcom..thnks coz giv me a free call up to 7
for maxis..thnks oso even for a day..hehehee

today is also my last day as a student in more more student lifestyle after this..terharu sgt2..heuheue

to ej..thnks coz sudi nyanyi ak lagu yg pling merdu skali..hahah
to komeng...maceyh eykk sbb maen kan lagu dgn gitar..hehe..terharu beb..

so..excited to celeb my bufday tonite
aperlah ak kner mlm neh kan

luvv u all them much!!!!